Dinh Huong Island in unique shape in Halong


When the tide is low at Three-cave fishing village we will see an islet that shapes Dinh Huong (Incense burner islet). The foot of the islet stands the huge rock.

The image of Dinh Huong island is printed on the VND200,000 note. In the program of about 4 hours cruise (or 1/2 day) we go to the Heaven Palace cave, Dau Go, across the dog shaped Rock and to Dinh Huong Island. Dinh Huong Islet is located near  Dau Go island, 3 km from Tuan Chau Tourist Boat Station, and it is also Ba Hang Ba Hang villages (there are three caves that we can visit by boat). Here you should not miss to take pictures of wonderful Bay, heritage area.


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