Ha long Bay covers an area of 1500 km2 dotted by around 3000 islets in which most of them are limestone. Halong means "Descending Dragon". According to the myth that passed down generations,  when the country was invaded by stronger foreign enemy the Jade Emperor sent Mother dragon and her children to this world for protection of people here. After the victory over the aggressor they decided to stay here with the locals forever, and turned into thousands of island that can be seen today.

Halong soon became one the best tourist attraction in the country after we carried out open door policy since 1990s.

Halong Bay beauty is marked by limestone islands and beautiful caves. Islets in Ha Long are  two types of limestone  and schist, concentrated in two main areas in the southeast Bai Tu Long Bay and southwest Ha Long Bay. This is the most ancient image aged  250 - 280 million years. This is result of the earth work when it raised up, lowered several times from the sunken continent into the sea. The process of karst erosion and weathering  created Halong as unique area in the world.

Among hundreds of limestone islands, each has their owned shape that looks very lively such as Man's headed islet, Dragon islet, Old man fishing islet, sail islet, cock fighting islets, incense burner islet, frog, and dog islet ... Hidden inside limestone islands are beautiful caves concerned  with many miraculous legends such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Trinh Nu, Tam Cung ...

You can apply flexible ways to explore Halong Bay from half day to 4 day cruise including stay overnight on 3-5 star cruise.


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